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If you are ready to consider partnering with us, we are ready to begin your property's Market Strategy. Please complete the confidential form below and let us get to work for you.  

Partnering to Sell

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​​​​Allowing us to partner with you in selling your property provides you several advantages. 

Our goal is to not only negotiate the best price for your property, but to sell your property in the time frame which best fits your needs.  We believe in working with our clients as business partners and we provide the facts to produce the best business result given your goals and the real estate market in which your property is competing.  

Some factors which we consider in preparing your personal sales strategy are:

  • Your Targeted Profit Amount
  • Your Mortgage Payoff
  • Sustainable time frame you are willing & able to be on the Market
  • The Impact on your return on Investment (ROI) from your mortgage payments 
  • What is your next living arrangement: deployment, relocation, leasing, buying a home or building a home 

Then we will analyze the market including:

  • The sales competition in the area
  • The time that comparable properties are on the market
  • The sale price and features of comparable properties
  • The trending increase or decrease in housing demand in your marketing area in comparison to surrounding areas
  • Review changing business growth or local events that are impacting the local housing markets
  • Determine your area's strengths and weaknesses against other area markets.

Then we assess your property:

  • Complete a full property evaluation
  • Inspect the property to determine its marketing advantages and disadvantages​.

​From this information, we will prepare a Marking Strategies report outlining your varying sales alternatives and then partner with you to develop a decisive sales strategy.