Lease Purchase:

If you are wishing to combine a lease agreement with a sales option which delays the closing date of a property until the buyer can commit through obtaining funding, then learn more about our lease to purchase services by contacting us.

There are times when leasing your property makes terrific financial sense.  Whether the property is an investment property or you are waiting for the market in your area to appreciate or you are planning to reoccupy the property when you return to the area, we offer several property management services which we are confident will meet your goals.  These include leasing and management, tenant procurement, taking over management with a current tenant, and lease purchase (lease to own). 

With more than thirteen years of experience in  property management for hundreds of clients, we are the perfect partner to help you accomplish your leasing goals.

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Greater Augusta Association of Realtors

Assuming Management

If you have a property, with a current tenant, which you no longer want to manage, then learn more about our take over management services by contacting us.

Tenant Procurement:

If you have the experience and knowledge to manage your property or properties, but want more market access or your simply don't want to deal with the sales calls, the showings, the application approval process and the lease generation, then learn more about our tenant procurement services by contacting us.

National Association of Realtors
Georgia Real Estate Commission

Partnering in Property Management

Leasing and Management:

If you do not have the time needed, the desire, or the experience and knowledge of the landlord tenant laws to manage tenant occupancy, which involves rent collection, contract defaults, 24-hour emergency calls, etc., then learn more about our leasing and management services by contacting us.