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Partnering with us to Find Your New Home:

We understand that whether a house is purchased or leased, it is your home.  Your goals as a tenant become our goals as the property manager in protecting all parties involved in the contract in accordance with the law and ensuring that all parties to a lease agreement fulfill their commitments. 

We also offer a 24-hour emergency contact number and an online resident portal to best serve our tenants.  Our resident portal features online payment options, account overview and update options, and submitting service request all from the comfort of your home.

If you would like lease your next home with us, please review our available homes for lease here and contact us to schedule seeing your next home or apply to lease

​​​​​At Morgan Smith Realty, your goals are our goals.  We understand that the decision to relocate by either selling your current home, buying, or renting a new home is not one which is taken lightly.  We view you as more than a client or customer, you are someone we partner with to help achieve your dreams of growth and change for the future.  This is done by our careful attention to detail and our analysis of information gathered through our client survey which we invite you to take.  All information gathered in our survey is solely used to help as find you the perfect home or to sell your current home as efficiently as possible.

Partnering to Buy:

Partnering to Lease:

All information collected by Morgan Smith Realty Inc. is used to better serve those who wish to partner with us.  Any personal information, including, but not limited to, name, address, and other contact information is kept strictly confidential within the confines of this definition and will not be sold to third parties or used in unsolicited marketing. 

Morgan Smith Realty Inc. is a privately owned and operated real estate brokerage and is operated in accordance to all federal, state, and local real estate rules and regulations.

Morgan Smith Realty Inc. is an avid supporter of, and follows all the rules and regulations set forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and the Fair Housing Act.

As your buyer’s agent, Morgan Smith Realty will help you navigate the area market to find a home which best meets your needs.  We will negotiate the best price and seller concessions to allow you to get into your new home as quickly as needed. 

If you already have a home in mind, allow us to partner with you to represent you through the contracts and negotiations as the home seller will have a seller’s agent representing them. 

We also provide a distinct advantage to our buyers through our *Buyer’s Rebate Program which is where we share a portion of the commission with you at the closing of the property.  It is legally defined as “a cash payment from the real estate broker to his or her client after closing,” and is fully disclosed.  For more information about your rebate, please contact us.

*Buyer’s Rebate Program is only available for homes purchased in Georgia.  Some lenders do not allow a Buyer’s Rebate Program.